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Ever dreamed of having your website, but this sounds complicated ?

That is WRONG !

Vitrine Facile allows you to modify your web site yourself showcase unconscious. We propose a human service, accessible to all, and we make it a point of honor to accompany you throughout your project.

For peace, we support all the steps for filing and different configurations of your domain names. Your site can be operational in less than 24 hours !

Services included :

  • Setup and hosting of your website showcase.
  • 1 domain name : fr, com or .net (other contact us).
  • At least one email address.
  • The overall makeover of the site in your colors
  • A user-friendly administration system.
  • A course taught by our computer expert in order to control the administration interface.

You can customize yourself and with great ease :

  • Background colors and text
  • Changing the logo
  • Editing page content, even in different languages ​​if you wish
  • Create customizations depending on the period you have chosen, such as changing the logo for Christmas, the background color for Halloween, etc.

All our packages include :

  • A domain name (.com, .net, etc. Other contact us)
  • At least one email address
  • Site hosting
  • A comprehensive makeover of your site with your colors by our webdesigner
  • Access to the secure administration system (TLS / SSL)
  • The compatibility of your site and also on mobile phone tablet
  • A SEO optimized
  • Full training to become familiar with the administration interface

The advantages :

  • Automatic adaptation of tablets, phones and computers.
  • The delivery system is not overloaded and therefore easy to handle.
  • The possibility of having a multilingual site with automatic language detection of the user's browser.
  • Site complies with W3C standards (international consortium - web coding).
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Full support for your website, domain name, hosting, setting up the site on the web, as well as the overall design.


Showcase your site on phone and tablet.

Vitrine Facile highlights your services on any type of media (tablets, phones, computers)'s famous responsive WebDesign.

Try it for yourself by reducing the width of your browser. You will see the headings, images, etc. adjust automatically for optimal reading comfort on any type of display.


We performed this service for you from the constraints and limitations imposed by some web agencies. We offer you complete freedom over the content of your site. No need to be an experienced webmaster to manage its site.

One word :

ease !

The easiest way to get an opinion, is to test our services. That is why we have set up a free demonstration site, without registration, where you can even test our features. Simply click on the button below :


référencement naturel



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